Volume 04, Issue 02

S.No.Paper TitleAuthor(s) NamePagesFull Text
1.A Review and Research Gaps of Language Interpretation for Hausa Using Artificial Intelligence as a ToolHalilu John Otso, Etemi Joshua Garba, Teneke Nora Godwin01-03Download
2.An Improved Intrusion Detection System Using DensenetYusuf Musa Malgwi, Simon Shonva Wagbe, Sani Dan Azumi Abdulkadir, Lydia Chilaodiri Okpalaifeako04-18Download
3.Enhancing Library Services through Smart Automation Systems: A Comprehensive ReviewTeneke Nora Godwin, Etemi Joshua Garba, Halilu John Otso, Armiya’u Nasiru Muhammad19-24Download
4.Hybrid Diagnostic System for Groundnut DiseasesYusuf Musa Malgwi, Sani Dan Azumi Abdulkadir, Simon Shonva Wagbe, Lydia Chilaodiri Okpalaifeako25-39Download
5.Evolving Data Management: Transitioning from Relational Databases to NoSQL for Scalable SolutionsArmiya’u Nasiru Muhammad, Etemi Joshua Garba, Kamak Yamlach Shedrach40-44Download
6.Performance Evaluation of a Secured and Intelligent Home Automation System Using Internet of Things – Modelling and Simulation OverviewKamak Yamlach Shedrach, Etemi Joshua Garba, Nnamani Ugochukwu Bethel, Smart Bingari, John Halilu Otso45-62Download